This website is the personal site for Dr Rajaratnam Abel. He would like to use this site to share his experience gained over a lifetime.

Poverty reduction was one of the major outcomes of his service through the RUHSA Department of Christian Medical College, Vellore, India.

There was a significant impact on the health of the population served in the K V Kuppam Block of Vellore District.

Measles was eradicated very early in the nineteen-eighties. Any reported measles was always imported from outside the district by the very few who were not immunised.

By 1987 polio was almost eradicated from the block.

Underweight among under five-year-old children was reduced and stunting began to reduce quite early.

Family planning was accepted quite freely by the population, significantly reducing the family size.

There was extensive input in reducing the impact of catastrophic health expenditure among the poor.

God willing during the coming year in 2021, I hope to raise up a number of health-related issues especially leadership for health of the poor for open discussion so that a clear understanding of the issues can be derived.

I continue to write books based on my experiences. The two most recent books are COVID-19: How to prevent the disease and Dr John Scudder: World’s first medical missionary. You can anticipate more this year.

So that’s what this website is about.

I hope you will enjoy the discussions and contribute to a better understanding of some of the pressing issues.

From time to time I will share some of the stories that have found a place in the books that I continue to publish.

I look forward to your valuable inputs.

Rajaratnam Abel

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