Books published by Rajaratnam Abel

Rajaratnam Abel MBBS MPH PhD

Retired Public Health Physician Consultant.

1 Consultant to DHAN Foundation, Madurai

2 Guest Professor at BITS Pilani as part of CMC Vellore faculty

3 Secretary, Navjeevan Seva Mandal, a child development NGO

4 Board Member, Development Association for Integrated Activity, NGO.

Links to my books 1.Book Businessmen for the Poor
Global Paperback Businessmen for the Poor  
Global eBook Businessmen for the Poor  
Indian eBook Businessmen for the Poor  
Paperback Indian Businessmen for the Poor 
Global eBook COVID-19 
Indian eBook COVID-19 

Global eBook Dr John Scudder 
Indian eBook Dr John Scudder

This book is available only as PDF copy


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