Dr John Scudder Bicentenary of the First landing India

Dr John Scudder, the world first medical missionary of modern times, landed for the first time in Calcutta, India on October 17, 1819. During the short transit, he lost his first daughter aged three years and was buried in a church yard in calcutta.

They then proceeded to Ceylon (Srilanka) for their first stage of missionary work, for less than two decades and then settled down in the then Madras for the remaining period of his service.

They had a total of fourteen children. Three died in infancy and childhood. One was still born and one died while completing his college studies. They had a hard time as a family in educating their children.

Based on their mother’s expressed desire, all seven boys returned to india as missionaries and served in developing the church and work in the Vellore area. Dr Ida Scudder a grand daughter started CMC Vellore. Other sons started Scudder Memorial Hospital and other institutions.

Mrs Harriet Scudder was an ideal missionary wife, who helped her husband faithfully. She suddenly became ill and died in Madras. Few years later Dr Scudder died in S. Africa while there on a period of rest. Initially both were buried in Madras and later in SMH Ranipet.

Dr Scudder was a gift to India. It is because of his coming to India and then later Dr Ida Scudder, that like me many of us had the privilege of studying in CMC Vellore, which today has been adjudged as the best hospital in India.

During this month of October 2019 many are celebrating his first landing in India on October 17, 1819 as a bicentenary year. We thank and praise God for the life and service of Dr John Scudder and his family in India.

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