Don’t take chances with COVID virus: It will attack you.

I am writing this post after burying one of my close contacts, another victim of Covid 19. He was healthy and strong. He was young for his age. He was very careful in taking precautions for preventing the disease. He hardly went out of his house. He only went to his office and returned home.  […]

Providing supportive oxygen to COVID-19 patients

When a patient gets admitted into a ward for care following a COVID-19 infection, besides specific medicines that need to be administered, providing oxygen depending on its saturation level and the need to respond to the level of breathing difficulty is the major medical intervention. When a patient is inside an ICU, relatives outside often […]

Socialising, social distancing and mingling in COVID-19 settings

What are the current rules on socialising? So far we have been talking about social distancing. Now there is a new terminology introduced. That is socialising. It refers to how many people can meet together in social settings.First I share information from different countries that is available. While there are specific rules in different countries […]

Christian Medical College recognised for COVID care

Today I would like to share the good news that Christian Medical College, Vellore was given three awards in the care of COVID-19. The first award related to work place for safety. The second award was related to excellence in hospital preparedness “Excellence in Hospital Preparedness for COVID-19” awarded by the Federation of Indian […]

Dr John Scudder: World’s first medical missionary My newest eBook

I am thankful to God for helping me to bring out this newest eBook. It was released on October 1. This book describes the life and story of Dr John Scudder who came to India over 200 years ago. It was his granddaughter Dr Ida Scudder who started the Christian Medical College, Vellore. It was […]