Now they say even Ghee is good. Really?

Gradually more viewers are visiting the site. I want to take the question I raised earlier one step further.

For a long time we were teaching community to avoid coconut oil and ghee as they both contribute more to heart diseases. 

It appears that the cycle has gone one complete round. Now nutritionists are saying that both coconut oil and ghee are good.

I can understand about coconut oil. I’ve lived in Srilanka, where coconut oil is freely used in cooking. Heart disease was not a problem.

But ghee? Can anyone who has knowledge in this area, share as to why ghee is acceptable today?   

With one or two more questions we will end this topic looking at what is best for the heart today.

As a public health physician, my aim is to share the best information in different areas of health and nutrition.

Right now I am in Vietnam with my daughter and her family. I am quite happy with the number of visitors from Vietnam to my web page.

I have a special blog for my readers from Vietnam.

Rajaratnam Abel

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Having completed my undergraduate medical education from Christian Medical College, Vellore, India. Then I had the privilege of completing my Master of Public Health from the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA. I could also complete my PhD in Chennai, India. Based on my extensive work in nutrition backed by a number of scientific publication, I also received the Fellowship of the International College of Nutrition (FICN). I retired from active service in 2005. Since then God enabled me to be a Consultant Public Health Physician, at the SUHAM Trust of the DHAN Foundation in Madurai. I am involved in providing community based health care support to a large number Self Help Groups in 14 Indian states.

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