How to stop the spread of COVID-19?

In spite of all the efforts made by different countries of the world, COVID-19 continues to spread. Leaders are struggling to contain the spread of the disease. So, what must be done to stop the spread?

The only effective method we know that could control the spread of the disease is wearing mask correctly and consistently and maintaining safe distance. Both these practices are not being followed strictly.

Young people are the biggest law breakers. This is followed by some shop keepers. They do not insist on customers wearing masks either.

Many who wear a mask, wear them incorrectly. They do not cover their noses with the masks. It is really no use wearing masks in this fashion.

Compliance by shops must be given priority. Big shopping centres are the biggest culprits. They must be warned to comply. Repeated non compliance must be punished by sealing and closure for two weeks. This must be widely publicised through the media. Then small shops will fall in line.

Not wearing mask is more dangerous than not wearing helmets. If a person who did not wear a helmet met with an accident, it was his life that was in danger. But with masks they are creating problem for others and must be handled even more strictly.

People who go by bikes or walk through the roads without mask must be stopped and made to report to an officer a little further away. They should be harassed by making them wait to see the officer and lose time.

Customers must insist on shop keepers wearing masks when serving customers. Make a bit of noise. Create a scene. Shop keepers will fall in line soon.

Insist on fellow customers to wear masks. If they refuse again create a scene in the shop. But take steps to keep a safe distance yourself. Treat those who do not wear masks as untouchables. Force them to keep distance.

Elders in homes must insist on youngsters wearing mask whenever they go outside. This has to be repeated over and over again.

Everyone has to take responsibility for this task. Those who wear masks should insist on others wearing masks. If people refuse to wear masks, other bystanders should come forward and support those who are demanding people to wear masks. They must be demanded to wear masks or even chase them out of the area. Others can start taking pictures and posting in the media.

COVID-19 does not respect those who break rules by not wearing masks and not keeping safe distance. It is not a time for nice and polite behaviour. Breakers of this rule must be firmly handled by society at large.

Remember, wearing masks consistently and correctly is the only way the spread of COVID-19 can be halted. Everyone must take responsibility.

Today, I went into a pharmacy. No one was wearing masks. A man walked in not wearing mask. When I asked the staff why no one was wearing mask, the man had the audacity to say, “nothing will happen if you die.” None of the staff reprimanded the man for such an answer.

On returning home, I complained on the website of thepharmacy. Someone responded and apologised for the failure in their pharmacy and indicated that instructions are being given to ensure everyone wears masks. Only if people take responsibility to follow up then people will fall in line.

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Rajaratnam Abel

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Having completed my undergraduate medical education from Christian Medical College, Vellore, India. Then I had the privilege of completing my Master of Public Health from the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA. I could also complete my PhD in Chennai, India. Based on my extensive work in nutrition backed by a number of scientific publication, I also received the Fellowship of the International College of Nutrition (FICN). I retired from active service in 2005. Since then God enabled me to be a Consultant Public Health Physician, at the SUHAM Trust of the DHAN Foundation in Madurai. I am involved in providing community based health care support to a large number Self Help Groups in 14 Indian states.

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