Countries with Different Economies and some Covid indicators

I came across this set of graphs of countries with different economies and covid indicators. I am thankful to Dr Sandhya Ahuja for presenting such valuable information graphically. I can imagine the amount of time it would have taken. I thought some who are analytically minded would like to delve deeper into this set of […]

Dr John Scudder II The earliest volunteer for vaccine trial

Recently there was praise showered on two doctors in the UK who had volunteered to take the first shots of the vaccine developed for COVID-19 disease. More than a century earlier, there was another medical missionary, who submitted himself as the first volunteer to test a vaccine that was prepared then. It was none other […]

COVID 19-Past Present and the Future Focus on the poor

This was not what I had in mind to write this time. With the whole world focused on this disease, I thought of sharing my thoughts on this disease. This disease has caught the whole world by surprise. Economic plans, travel plans, marriage plans, educational plans have all gone awry. The pace at which it […]