The role of the private health sector in the Covid 19 pandemic-sharing a post by Dr Prabir Chatterjee

A well written post by Dr Prabir Chatterjee. This certainly needs wider dissemination. Please share it widely adding your own comments. Patients suffering from cough and cold stand in a queue outside an OPD to get checked during coronavirus pandemic, at Government JP hospital in Bhopal, Monday, March 23, 2020. (PTI Photo)A notable aspect of […]

Welcome to my participatory, interactive and learning blog.

God has been good to me in teaching students in a participatory manner. I thought it would be useful to apply this to the many unanswered questions that people are grappling with. I do not have the answers for these questions. However when addressed and participatively through the social media we may learn some answers. […]

At last! Indian version of my book.

At last the Indian version of Businessmen for the Poor is available online. I am happy to announce that it is available in the following  link. Till now only the version was available from the US at Dollar prices. I needed an Indian priced book to be made available for my Indian friends. […]